Curriculum and Higher Education Links

With nearly 2000 years of history to explore, Cardiff Castle offers a large variety of programmes linked to many aspects of the National Curriculum for history both for Wales and England.

If you have any specific requests or would like help in deciding which options to choose, please contact the Education Officer, Elizabeth Stevens on 029 2087 8110 or email

Below are some of the main curriculum links that can be covered during a visit to Cardiff Castle. More information is available in the “Downloadable Information” for additional information about our most popular workshops.

Foundation Phase (Wales)

Sessions designed for children aged 3-7 in the Education Centre link with:

  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Key Stage 1 (England)

For KS1 in England, many of our programmes are perfect for those studying:

  • The way of life of people in the more distant past who lived in the local area or elsewhere in Britain
  • Lives of significant men, women and children drawn from the history of Britain and the wider world

Key Stage 2 (Wales & England)

We have programmes for those studying the following:

  • Daily life of people living in either the time of the Iron Age Celts or the Romans (Wales)· The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain (England)
  • Daily life of people living either in the Age of the Princes or in the time of the Tudors or the time of the Stuarts (Wales)
  • Changes to people's daily lives in the locality in the nineteenth century (Wales)
  • The differences in people's daily lives in two contrasting periods of the twentieth century (Wales)
  • A study of an aspect or theme of British history that extends pupils’ chronological knowledge beyond 1066 (England)

Key Stage 3 (Wales & England)

The majority of our KS3 visits come from groups using the Castle to illustrate the medieval period in Wales and Britain.

  • How the coming of the Normans affected Wales and Britain between 1000 and 1500 (Wales)
  • Development of Church, state and society in medieval Britain (England)

We can also offer sessions for those covering the following at KS3 looking predominantly at the Bute family's ownership of Cardiff Castle and their influence upon the development of Cardiff:

  • The changes that happened in Wales, Britain and the wider world between 1760 and 1914 and people's reaction to them (Wales)

Key Stage 4 (Wales and England)

Our ‘Medieval Medicine’ workshops are ideal for those studying 'Changes in Health and Medicine‘ Medicine through Time’ and can be adapted to cover later developments in medicine in the Tudor Period. Please contact the Education Officer, Elizabeth Stevens on 029 2087 8110 or to discuss this.

A Level (Wales)

The Bute family's influence and developments in Cardiff and the Castle can be used to aid understanding of the following:

· Wales & England c. 1780 - 1886 · Wales & England c. 1880 - 1980

Cross curricular links

We offer many other opportunities for cross curricular links within the Educational Activities programme covering subjects such as music, creativity and English. If you would like to suggest or discuss other ideas or options please do not hesitate to contact our Education Officer, Elizabeth Stevens on 029 2087 8110 or

Welsh Baccalaureate

Please contact us for details on how we can help you deliver aspects of the curriculum.

Travel and Tourism

We can organise a range of talks for students of Travel and Tourism including sessions looking at our product and services, visitor profile, customer service and marketing and branding.

Please contact us to discuss your specific level and unit, the type of information you would like to gain and we will suggest a visit to meet your needs.