Information about Your Forthcoming Visit to Cardiff Castle

The following information is designed to prepare you and the accompanying helpers for the visit that you have booked to Cardiff Castle.

Please ensure that all adults leading the groups are aware of the following points:


Upon Booking

You will be sent a confirmation letter stating the time(s) of your workshop(s) and tour(s) if booked or included in the workshop price as advised upon time of booking. Please bring this confirmation with you and ensure that all helpers are aware of its content.


Before Arrival


Risk Assessments

Information to assist with your risk assessment is available in the “Educational Visits” section of our website. If you require additional information, please contact Elizabeth Stevens on 029 2087 8110 (e-mail


Familiarisation Visits

We welcome teachers to come and look at the facilities in order to familiarise themselves with the site before their visit. Please contact the Education Officer on 029 2087 8110 to arrange this.


Split Groups

For reasons of conservation, school groups are restricted to a maximum of 35 per tour of the Castle (including teachers/ adult helpers). Please ensure that groups are split up in advance to save time when you arrive.


When You Arrive

Upon arrival, the teacher in charge of the group will need to go to the Ticket Office to confirm numbers and pay or sign the relevant documentation in the case of an invoiced visit. The group will be shown to a safe place to congregate and leave bags/packed lunches.


Bag Storage

For conservation reasons groups are not allowed to carry bags with them whilst on tour. A member of staff at the gate will advise where you can leave your bags. This will be dependent on how many other groups are visiting the Castle on the day of your visit.

Please ensure that your bags are placed as neatly as possible to give room for other groups who may also need to use the same area.


Timings of your Sessions

Please gather at the meeting points below the red Tours Gallery five minutes before the start of any tours workshops you have booked.

Groups taking a guided tour are requested to make their way onto the Tours Gallery and along it to the gate at the end, where your guide will meet you.

Please ensure that children have visited the toilets in good time to be ready for the start of the workshop or tour. Late arrivals will have shortened tours and sessions and it may not always be possible to accommodate late arrivals.



The largest toilets are the Education Centre toilets which are down the stairs near the Education Centre and are only for use by school groups. If you are using these, we would be grateful if you ask your pupils to enter the area as quietly as possible as there may be sessions taking place in the Education Centre.

Other toilets are located in the Interpretation Centre, the foot of the Black Tower (male) and Clock Tower (female).



We do not have a dedicated lunch area but always do our best to find undercover space for schools groups to eat their lunch. Please note that in certain circumstances, the children may be asked to sit on the floor to eat their lunch as tables may not be available. You will be advised of your allocated location and time upon arrival. Please ensure you keep to the allocated times for lunches.



Bins are located around the site for your use. If you require bin bags, please ask a member of staff.



Pupils are very welcome to visit the shop but please split classes into small groups and ask the children to have their money ready at the till.


The Keep Terrace Bistro

Please feel free to use the café – The Keep Terrace - for takeaway teas, coffees and food. Tables both inside and outside the café are reserved for café customers - we regret that they can not be used by school groups.


Evaluation Forms

You will be given an evaluation form after your visit, we would greatly appreciate your feedback about your visit and any suggestions you may have for improvement.